Saturday, January 24, 2009

Music that molds me....

I think music is one thing everyone has in common despite the different genres that are out there.
I was very fortunate to have exposure to a lot of different types of music growing up whether it was my parent's, my older sister, and friends.
Earlier in life it was more entertaining, the beat, dancing, spinning in circles in our living room until I was dizzy.
As I reached my teens it took on many other meanings, and lyrics were the lure from being "infactuated" with some girl or the defining of a so call heart break through a certain song wallowing in the perceived pain.

I had the pleasure of spending one of my many years in music in choir where Mr. Jackson, our choral director who made us understand, dissect and feel the meaning in the lyrics and melody. He exposed us to all types and opened up my eyes to the poetic and melodic direction.

It is quite a warming experience for me now after many, many years how much music played a part in defining my character and the lens of how I view life.
I love listening to songs of my youth and realizing that I have reached a point in my life where the meaning of certain lyrics are prevalent in my life today.

Of course my parents gave me the firm foundation and sense of values, music allowed me to expand on that solid foundation in many different ways.

As I go back and experience the music of the past I am blessed that I can look back and smile knowing I understand where the music has lead me to and helped be the person I am today.

The learning and growing never ends, the feelings never cease but expand.

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