Sunday, June 7, 2009

My visit with an old friend today....

I had one of those runs I remember from years past when I entered into that zone. I had gone back and forth all day on whether I would run or not making up several excuses if I had chosen not to.
I succumbed to them all and headed out from my house around 7:00pm. It was still quite warm, maybe up in the 80's but I did take a sports drink with me.
I started off the run with Afro Celts Sound System cd called "Anatomic" , good music to run to and allow your mind to wander.

It felt good out there running and noticed people along the way waving which is always a boost.I passed people walking on the course and was greeted with a smile and encouragement. My first milestone was at the 2 mile mark where my last run on this course began the mental and physical breakdown.

It did not happen today, at that point I took off my shirt and started drinking Gatorade, I was beginning to feel the flow.
I had some good moments of thought, about how my friend Wes and I use to run together, I talked with him some. I thought of my dad as well and talked with him as well.

Before I knew it I was 4 miles in and knew I was not going to stop until I reached 6 miles.

It felt really good and I even felt strong enough the last mile to pick up the pace.

It has been MANY years since I have run this far without walking, without pain and without doubts.

I so needed it for mental and physical reasons. It was nice to be back in that zone and I equate it to meeting up with an old friend and picking up the conversation like there was never a pause.

I now have the mental and physical validation I was seeking and hope this is the foundation and starting point of my second foray into running.

I finished up overjoyed, confident and emotionally uplifted.

Funny how when you run your problems and concerns never want to join, I like that.