Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain and thoughts....

It has been raining here steadily for two days and it got me thinking as I dash in and out trying to stay dry.
For the past 4 years I have read everything I could get my hands on about the Vietnam war, I remember seeing pieces of coverage on TV and the casualty numbers but really too young to digest at the time.

I cannot answer to why I have been so obsessed with reading about many types of experiences during this conflict but my insatiable appetite has made me more aware and appreciative of what all soldiers went through.

Every book I have read talks of monsoon season where it pours buckets, on a daily, weekly basis and how the men had to live in it, no cover, warmth or protection...and oh yeah, people trying to kill them as well.

I cannot say I understand that conflict or war in itself but it makes me more tolerant of my perceived discomforts. I am appreciative of my choices and options as well as appreciative of the arm forces choice to serve.

On rainy days, hot and cold days when all I can do is remain in relative comfort I realize that there are others who do not have those options.

The people I passed at the public transportation stop huddled in the rain, being downtown and seeing homeless people walking in the elements allowed me to say a silent prayer of God bless them.
There are no easy solutions but awareness, empathy and concern is a great start. I do not think we stop to think how fortunate and blessed we are......I do ....daily.