Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's about time....

So...I set up this personal blog like 2, maybe 3 months ago and making my first entry today. I will admit that I started my professional blog first which in essence has some personal relevance but THIS one was meant to be about my personal side.
Well....there is a reason to why today is my first post and here it is....
I've had it being a workout slob, blowing off workouts eating JUNK like there's no tomorrow and hanging out with my best pal "Pro Crastinator." Isn't it funny how the moment you slack out from working out bad eating habits soon follow?
Well, tonight I put my "Perfect Push up" gadget to work and ripped off 8 sets of 8 reps and it was not that hard except for my belly hitting the floor before my chest....gulp!
I had to start somewhere and here it is.....I really need to workout for health more than looks and it is not a joking matter.
This year is the countdown year to the big 50 and I have always been blessed with a youthful appearance and attitude (my daughter and wife says it is immaturity) so I like to laugh so sue me!

So...I am not sure what type of audience I will have for this but really at this point I am not so much interested in readership I just want to do this for me.

I have always been a fitness lifting...spinning.....stair machine to elliptical trainer and I keep records religiously. My "fitness mojo" has taken a long break and I must find it back....tonight I caught a glimpse.....stay tuned